Competition Details


Entrance fee is $3 and gives three submissions. Limit three submissions per individual in a single round of submissions. Only original work may be submitted, and submissions must not violate copyright rules.

Films can be feature length or shorts, and may be of any genre, including comedy, action, drama, etc. They can be live action or computer animated. Please note that entries must conform to Talent Zito's decency standards. Talent Zito may disqualify submissions or individuals not conforming to these rules.

Performances, including plays, dances, stand-up comedy, etc., can be submitted in video form.

Artwork, including drawings, paintings, sculptures computer art, etc. may be submitted. Only pictures of artwork, scanned images, or rendered images may be submitted. Talent Zito does not accept physical artwork. Pictures should be high quality and provide an accurate representation of the piece.

Photography must be submitted in high resolution form and must meet Talent Zito's decency standards. The photographer must have the consent of all individuals identifiable in the photo.

Writings may be stories, novels, plays, essays, opinion pieces, poems, etc.

Modeling photographs or videos must meet Talent Zito's decency standards.

Music can be recordings or computer-generated audio.


Entries for the first phase of submissions must be submitted by 11 pm PST on December 31, 2012.


1st place:$1,000
2nd place:$500
3rd place$250


Valid entries will be evaluated both by Talent Zito's judges and by the general public. Both will have equal weight in determining the winner. Voting for the first phase of submissions begins on January 15, 2013 and ends on February 28, 2013.

* Talent Zito reserves the right to extend deadlines as it sees fit.
** Certain additional conditions such as minimum entries, minimum public evaluations, etc., apply. No individual can win more than one prize.