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Vintage Eye

This is a tribute to a classic, a third eye if you will.

From the Mud


Round Lake

This is a picture of round lake in Three Lakes, WI during a sunrise one summer morning. The group of trees you see in the middle of the horizon is an island off the lake.

California Hillside

Cuttlefish Eye

This is a photograph of a cuttlefish taken at an aquarium.



Portland, OR

Concrete Angel

I'm the model in the picture. And Emma Demirsu is the photographer. Its really a model/photography category, but photography embodies this entry rather than me as a model alone. I have permission from Emma to submit this photo.


Relaxing along the Arno

A day passing by the Arno, in Firenze, Italia, simply people watching.

My View to Die For

This was one of the most unbelievable sunsets I have seen.

Cleanse & Repeat

Back to the Bricks

This photograph was taken from atop the Mott Foundation building in Flint, MI during the "Back to the Bricks" car cruise and festival.

The Foyer

Feet #1



This is a picture of our cabin up in Northern Wisconsin that my family stays at every year. It's located next to a hillside of lush grass surrounded by tall, beautiful pines.


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