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EDward millard


To Market, To Market

This was taken in a fantastic bazaar just off las ramblas in Barcelona that my newfound friends and I stumbled upon last year.

Be Free.

Feet #2


Went on a trip to connecticut and found this lab puppy on the beach!

Imperfect Creation 2

Sliver GelatinSize: 16x20



The Winds Worst Damage

sexy sax

a ref

Seattle I-5 Tilt Shift Simulation

I took this picture with a simply point and shoot from the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle. With a little work in Photoshop it looks surreal. Thanks!

Ryz Flow Love

On "The People's Tour" i have passed out about 5000 free albums and given love to more than 50,000 people i have completed 15 weeks it lasts for 39 weeks and that is an average of how long a woman is pregnant for... And that is how long "The People's Tour" is.....Changing Thangs... the picture was taken week 12 in Amarillo Texas

All Hope Is Gone

My boyfriend Philip. We did a a senior picture/modeling photoshoot day. I took this of him, and I think it's stunning. Enjoy.

my youtube channel funny stuff

Triple Threat

chocolate wishes

Jasper the one-eyed dog trying to have a go at the chocolate bundt lava cake I made and decorated, placed in a 70s-style Florida house

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