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World Cup 2010

This piece is called World Cup 2010, In this pice I tried to show the world cup 2010 that is taking place in South Africa. I tried to use the planet Earth as the soccer ball to show that every counrty is involved with this event and how important this is to many people anround the world. and by showig the ball in the net of the goal I tried to show the excitement that it brings to people.

goodnight moon

36 x 24 inches acrylic on canvas

When the day turns to night

Acrylic on Canvas Jonathan A. Holshue 2010


For your consideration, a sample from my prophetic cartoon portfolio entitled "Drawn".


Pen and Pencil on Paper Jonathan A. Holshue 2010

Black and White

Pen on Paper Jonathan A. Holshue 2010


Drawn with Micron pen and India ink.

Forest Series- Night

Love Me For Ever More

This print captures the intimate moment that lovers often experience. roughly 12"x10" in size


This print is representational of escaping and escalating into higher,hopefully better circumstances. roughly 14"x14" in size

Cytoplasm (after Terry Winters)

I vision as a contemporary artist to create art that challenges audience assumptions, for this piece, I am largely experimenting the effect of juxtaposition, exploring atrocities like genocide and Diaspora to environmental destruction, and call us out on our collective amnesia surrounding important events. I argue visually how ambivalent works of art have come to depict the nature of issues in a 21st century multi-cultural context.


The Path


Whimsically Melodic

I am 23 years old and a first year high school teacher in Canada. Each day the classroom provides new challenges, excitements, frustrations and of course, joys. Over the course of a couple of months, each sentiment was expressed into layers of acrylic, oil, glue, various materials and pastels to create the Whimsically Melodic.

Strangers in the woods

Photoshop cs2

Calergo Auto Design

2010 Nissan Gtr Race Car

"The Dancing Petals"

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