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Modern Mona Lisa

My name is Tesla Ramos and I want to be a supermodel. I'm planning to move to New York this summer, and winning this competition would help me immensely!! Good luck and thank you!!!

Simply Me


Erin Cooper

Miss Love wants to be a model!!!


Day at the beach

Smile for the camera


Picture taken before church on Sunday. Casual


Picture of me that I'm actually using for my senior pic. I modelled for it, and my boyfriend took the picture. I hope you like it.


Nailah greene

Kate Jones


Hottie Pottoty

Everyone please Vote for me! Your votes are greatly appreciated.

less make up

Music Making Kit

This is a photo session in where I devised the theme myself and a friend photographer helped me bring it to life. I call it "Music Making Kit" in where everything is this photo can be used and has been used to make music including myself. In a sense indicating as if I am one with music or I too am an instrument of music therefore demonstrating my love and bond to music.

make up

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