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Z-Shaped Girl

This macro photography portrait, is a social commentary on the distortion of gender roles and a spin-off on a steampunk, early 1900's image of a circus actress with the ability to arch her back to an impossible curvature forming a Z. I was able to accomplish documenting this photography interpretation by taking macro closeups of her body and then piecing them together to form detailed enlargements of certain aspects of the body.



Hello Chicago

I body painted cats onto my friend and had her face the Chicago skyline, she is liberated as the colors pop and the train runs through the city day and night.



Letting you in

Sunset View

Love couple enjoying sunset view

Barata Boxing


Breakfast on Gibraltar

It was breakfast time in Gibraltar for this little guy.

Florencian Wedding

We traveled to the top of a hillside for a view of the city of Florence; when we got to the top we found an even more remarkable site; the occupants of this vehicle were getting wed in style...

Feet #3

Imperfect Creation 3

Sliver Gelatin Size: 16x20

El fuErtE


A day in the Park

angel dove

Pterodactyl soul

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